Looney’s Pub in Maple Lawn

Here we are on to our third month and hopefully last month where we will need to provide fliers.  Until then here is June 15’s flier – LooneysFundraiser2010June

We are now going to have a monthly fundraiser at Looney’s Pub on the third Tuesday of every month. For the first two months we must still bring a flier with you. Here is May 18th’s – LooneysFundraiser2010May

Our biggest MS fundraiser yet. It will be held at Looney’s Pub in Maple Lawn (Columbia ish) from 11am to 2am with MS receiving a portion of all sales from people there for us. This includes food and alcohol, gift certificates and clothing. You name it. The more people the larger the percentage we get! Come for lunch, happy hour, dinner, watch a sporting event on their TVs, a night cap…I don’t care. Just come. I hope to see you there!

Please try to remember to bring the flyer with you but if you forget it make sure to tell them that you are there for the Next Steps MS fundraiser. Thank you!!!!


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