Volleyball – Day 5

When Ed and I first met about 5 years ago now he was very into volleyball.  If fact sometimes he played three times a week.  That continued for a while during the time that we were dating, often with me accompanying him.  I can’t really say that I am much of a volleyball girl.  Actually I’m not much of a sports girl at all.  Though I did play volleyball and basketball in middle school that didn’t last long.  Can you believe that I didn’t watch one game of the World Cup?  In fact if it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter I wouldn’t have even known it was going on.  I used to like football, that was one of the things my Dad and I could do together.  As it turned out I became quite a Denver Broncos fan but that ended when Elway retired.  The only sport that I can truly say I enjoy going to know is minor league baseball.  It is so family oriented and relaxing that I don’t even mind that there is a ballgame going on in front of me.

Once we got married he was down to playing twice a week.  The only problem was that the Sunday game often took up the entire Sunday and that was cutting our family time in half.  After G. was born Ed agreed that the Sunday game was just too much.  He continued to play every Tuesday though with my complete support.  I knew that I had things, like my cooking club, that I would hate if he made me give up and volleyball was his thing.  He had been playing on this team for at least 5 years and some of the guys he even knew from college.  I had sworn that I would never ask him to give it up.  Then I became pregnant with E. and MS reared it’s head in a most heinous way.

I started to lose sensation and have mobility issues the moment my body realized that I was pregnant.  Each day it would get a little worse till I was about five weeks pregnant and I couldn’t even carry G. anymore for the fear of dropping him.  K., my older daughter, and I worked together for the next three or four weeks to take care of G. on Tuesday evenings while Ed went to volleyball.  I couldn’t be alone with G. but I hated telling Ed he couldn’t go.  Finally there was no other choice, as I continued to deteriorate, and I told him he could no longer go on Tuesday nights, that I needed him at home.  That was over two years ago now.

Once I got some treatment and started to improve he still wasn’t able to return.  At that point I was at least in my second trimester, probably only at about 60% functionality, and had a toddler to deal with also.  He continued to stay home through my entire pregnancy.  Once E. was born there were the issues of me recovering and taking care of two very needy little ones.  He continued to stay home.  Many times in the last year, once I felt I was as close to 100% as I was probably ever going to get, I told him that he should go back to volleyball.  He did make it a couple of times, but most times either he or I would decide that it really wasn’t a good night for him to leave me alone.  Some days I was just too depressed, others I was exhausted, and still others I was just sick.

The last time he did go he hurt his knee.  This time at least he was the cause of his not going, not I.  I won’t lie, though, and tell you that I wasn’t a bit happy and relieved but this circumstance.  At the same time I still felt guilty.  Through all of my illness and pregnancy I think I only missed my cooking club two or three times.  Granted that my club often came to me or I would get a ride with someone and Ed was healthy enough to take care of both kids, it still didn’t always seem fair.

Once I realized that today was going to be one of my good days I knew exactly what my gift was going to be.  Ed was going to volleyball with my best wishes.  No guilt, no I “think” I’ll be OK, no “as long as you come straight home after the game”, nothing except “Have fun, I hope you win, and go out with the guys afterward if you want.”  I will say that G. and E. weren’t as happy to see Daddy go but even G. was able to say “Have fun and I hope you win” with a big hug as Ed left.

As I sit here writing this I know that their game has been over for a little more than twenty minutes and they are probably playing with however they could recruit until they get kicked out by the management.  I’m also assuming that he will probably go out with the guys and I hope he does if that is what will make him happy.  However I know he won’t go without at least wondering how I did tonight and if he really shouldn’t just go home.  How did I get so lucky?  Hopefully this can become a regular Tuesday gift tradition!

p.s. As I am proofing this Ed called to check in on me.  They lost 2 and won 1 but he is happy because they played well.  I’m happy because he is happy.


It’s not all about me – Day 4

Hmmm….this 29 Gifts in 29 Days thing is not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I wonder why that is.  I think one of the hardest things is that I don’t get out much these days so opportunities don’t as readily present themselves to me.  The funny thing is that I absolutely LOVE giving to others.  In fact sometimes to the point where Ed often just gives up, shakes his head, and says “Do whatever makes you happy.”.  It’s possible that another part of the problem is that the things that I would normally give in a day I don’t think count.  They are things that I just naturally do.  They are not necessarily “mindful”.   So once again the evening has come and I find myself tired and in my bedroom not yet having given a gift and despairing for the third time in a row that I might have to start over.

Then I notice something that a friend has done that really hurts me.  It’s not the individual act that is so hurtful but that it is a symbol of many things that have come together cumulatively to really make me feel sad, and taken for granted.  I must tell you that lately I’ve been really upset over my lack of local friends.  I know that is simply a byproduct of us only having one car so I can’t make it to playgroups and other outings, and   when that isn’t the issue, then there is the heat I have to contend with, taking care of two toddlers at once, my often overwhelming fatigue, and the fact that I live a ways away from the friends that I do have that like to do things and I don’t feel that it is always fair to leave Ed home with the babies.  I’ve also had one friend move in the last couple of months.  They didn’t move far away but we haven’t seen them since before the move.  Even though I know that she has a lot of things going on right now and a lot of stress, I admit to feeling forgotten about.  The thing that the first friend did got me thinking about friends in general and the friend that recently moved.  I all of a sudden knew I had my gift!

It was time to forget about myself.  My friend who had moved had not done anything to purposely hurt me.  In fact she was the friendwho was around a couple of years ago when I really needed someone.  I almost became paralyzed from MS when pregnant with my youngest daughter and she came to see me every week and often offered to help with other things.  I know a lot of the causes of the stress that is currently effecting her and yet here I sat feeling sorry for myself because we hadn’t seen each other in a while and basically blaming her for that.  No more.  Her son’s birthday is this Sunday and even though there has not been a B-Day party invite, to tell the truth I don’t know if there is even going to be a party, her son was a great friend to G. and we still care and think about him a lot.  We had not gotten him a present but tonight that changed.  I had a lot of fun going through his wish list and choosing things I hoped he would love.  I might not get to see him open them but they are gifts of love and love doesn’t require such niceties to continue.  At the same time I realized that I had neglected to get them a housewarming gift, something I think she would never fail to do.  To tell the truth it’s not something I usually do, but tonight it felt perfect.  I hope she loves it.

It really is good to stop dwelling on my own problems for a little and to let go of perceived slights.  I wish them the best!  Now I am wondering what will be my gift tomorrow.  I like that many of them have surprised me.  If they were things that I would do normally, without mindfulness, I don’t believe that they would have caused such joy in my heart when they were given.

Let’s go to the store – Day 3

I must say that today was much better than yesterday.  I didn’t wake up with much more energy than the day before, in fact I almost overslept,  but my mind has a way of over-riding my body when something needs to be done.  We got out of bed at 8:50AM with my cooking club members due to arrive in an hour.  No problem you might say, except the kitchen and bathroom still needed to be cleaned, trash and recycling taken out, and various other details that were asking to be taken care of.  After about a half hour of running around I was already done and told my poor husband the rest was all his as I went to lay down in a very cool room and wait for everyone to arrive.

When they started to arrive all I can say is that happiness took over and I felt good to go.  It really makes me think more about the often alluded to mind/body connection.  These seven women and one man are truly some of the nicest and most interesting people I know.  We meet once a month and for the past 5-6 years I can honestly say that cooking club, some of the people have come and gone, is one of the greatest joys in my life!  Today was no exception.  We had wonderful food and great conversation.  However, all too soon, most were off to other activities for the day.  A few stayed and we played a game or two and had awesome girl talk.  That too, though, came to an end.

As I looked back over the day I saw a beautiful experience but I couldn’t see any gift I had given.  Ed started asking about dinner and then it came to me.  This was my opportunity!  Lately I always make Ed go to the store and do the shopping.  Today I would go and not only would I go but I would invite the young lady who lives with us downstairs to go with me and let her drive the car.  You should have seen her happiness!  She is still learning and has no car of her own to practice in.  I also invited her to join us for dinner as her boyfriend had gone out for the evening and she was alone with the baby.  We went to the store, she only scared me a couple of times, had a good talk, and then when we got back home Ed and I showed her how to cook the food.  Once again she was very excited.  She seems to really want to learn to cook and eat more healthily.

To top the night off I asked G., my 3-year-old, if he wanted to play a game.  You might not think this is much but I almost always refuse when he asks to play a game.  I don’t have the patience needed when he won’t wait for his turn or doesn’t follow the rules.  I know he is only 3 but it is still really trying to me.  Then you add E., who is 19m, to the mix and I am almost ready to scream.  Tonight  I did it because I knew how happy it would make him.  It was completely worth it!

I don’t want to start over

Yesterday I was so excited to start my 29 Gifts program.  I was committed and determined.  Today I couldn’t wake up.  I slept until 11am and then no matter what I did I could not get rid of the fog that was swirling around in my head.  Usually I have a glass of Diet Coke with Lime and the fog slowly lifts.  This morning the fog just kept hanging on.  I laid in bed for a while watching Bewitched on Hulu and hoping to feel more like joining the world.  My mind was just not having any of it.  I was even missing the first coolish day we’ve had around here in weeks.  Rainy, winding, overcast, sounds like heaven to me right now.  The few times I was up and in the kitchen I kept opening the door and relishing in it.  Unfortunately my, almost 3-year-old, son was not of the same opinion and kept closing it on me.

Eventually I just gave myself permission to lay in bed and not go anywhere or do much of anything.  The only thing about this plan was that I didn’t feel like I was going to be able to give my gift today.  I was too tired to do anything around the house for anyone and we weren’t going to be going out now so I didn’t really see a way around it.  I would have to start again on Sunday.  This was not how I had wanted to do this but I had come to decision that this is just what it had to be.

Then something came to me.  As a blog writer  I always look forward to the few comments I get.  I also must admit that I am very bad at commenting on others’ blog posts.  I’m not really sure why that is but it is one of my short comings.  So today I decided that for my gift I would comment on every blog post that had been posted on twitter from the Carnival of MS Bloggers in the last 24 hours and then I would go through all the blogs that I had linked on my blog and comment on everyone’s last post.  I hoped it would make them all feel as happy as I am when I see a new comment.  As of now I already know of one who it effected.

This wasn’t a physical gift or a financial gift but it was a gift of my time and hopefully a gift of happiness to those I wrote to.  I believe these gifts to be just as important as tangible gifts, sometimes even more so.

Now it’s time for me to try to figure out how to go to sleep tonight.  How ironic, I can’t wake up during the day and then can’t get to sleep at night.  Tomorrow at least I have a wonderful incentive to get up and shake the cobwebs loose.  Cooking club starts here at 10am!  I can’t wait!