Next Steps needs a face lift! It’s a contest!

Hi everyone! If you’ve followed my blog at all you know that I created a team to walk in Walk MS:Columbia 2010 this year. This was our logo:Well the walk has now come and gone, we raised over $13,100 BTW, and I have now decided to take Next Steps beyond just a walk team. I would like to increase knowledge and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, continue with year round fundraisers, and get MS and the color orange to be synonymous like pink and Breast Cancer are. To this end I have created a Facebook page , a twitter account Follow ns4nmss on Twitter, and a website . To help with the previously mentioned objectives I am also going to look to be starting a line of merchandise with the Next Steps logo on it.

Here is the problem. As you can see from the above logo it has nothing in it related to MS or that our objective is to find a cure. I however am not a very creative person and am having a problem coming up with a new logo. I’ve thought of Next Steps 4 MS is a cure, or a foot kicking MS out of here but that is the extent of it and I have no idea how to implement them with a design. On top of it all the design also has to work well on merchandise.  If this of any help I have been considering renaming the group/site/team etc. to Next Steps vs MS.  What do you think?

Now I need your help! I would like to make this into a contest. I will take submissions until June 20th and then will open voting until June 27th. All net profits we make from fundraisers and any upcoming sales of merchandise will be donated directly to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society so I don’t really have money to pay or give an extravagant prize. However, in exchange for the exclusive rights to the winning logo the winner will receive recognition of being the creator of the logo on our website and a copy of Courage by Richard Trubo or a $25 gift certificate to Of course you could always donate the prize back to the NMSS as a donation.

I look forward to seeing all the creative logo ideas I know you’ll come up with. Please submit them to .


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