Thank goodness Tommy had nothing to do!

As I ended my last post, I stated that the next test I had to have performed was a lumbar puncture.  Most of you reading this have never met me, so I just want everyone to know that I am a WIMP!  And, yes, that word does deserve to be in all capital letters.

Now let me clarify just a little.  I am not whiner, I am just a wimp.  If I were to get hit in the head with a baseball, for example, something I had no control over, I’d say “ouch”  and maybe put some ice on it, but you wouldn’t find me complaining about how much it hurt all day long.  In fact, I get over incidences like that so frequently and quickly that other people will often notice that I have a huge bruise somewhere and ask me what the heck happened?!  My response is usually “what bruise?”  However if it something that I know is coming and I have to sit still and allow someone to do TO me, then I am a huge wimp

So on top of being very concerned about the possibility of ending up with a diagnosis of MS, I was facing a procedure that, to me, was one of the worst things that could happen.  I would not only have to be stuck by a large needle, but I would have to be completely still and vulnerable while it was being inserted into my spine.  I had no idea how I was going to deal with this situation.

Being so nervous, I did not want to spend the night before the procedure by myself, so I spent the night at my friend Tommy’s house.  When I woke up that morning, I just knew that I did not want to go by myself, so I worked up the nerve (I don’t like to show weakness) to ask him if he had plans for the day.  To this day, I could not be more thankful that he quickly said he did not have plans and asked me if I would like for him to go with me.

Once we got to the hospital where the procedure was being done and I was checked in, I had to leave Tommy sitting in the waiting room.  I was taken back to the area where the lumbar puncture was to be performed and told to change into a hospital gown, and that the “doctor,” my neurologist at the time, would be right with me.

He came into the room, explained the procedure, and then it was time to start.  No matter how scared I was, no matter how much of a wimp, I understood the importance of being completely still while having a needle stuck into your spine.  To make a horrible experience brief, I will just say that the “doctor” stuck me five times in the spine, was unsuccessful, and then blamed me because I did not hold still.  The “doctor” left me alone in the room saying that he gave up and there would be another doctor in shortly to complete the procedure.

After about a half hour with no one coming into the room, I finally caught a nurse and asked her when the doctor would be in.  She looked at me a little strangely and said that no doctor was coming.  It turns out that my “doctor” had just abandoned me.

I got dressed, went out to the waiting room, and started the longest period of hysterical crying I had ever done up until that point and have not surpassed to this day.  Tommy allowed me to cry for literally hours on end, made sure I got fed, and took me home to my BooBoo, my cat and first love, where I continued to cry for quite a period of time.  I did survive that day, as we all survive most of our hardest days, but I never saw or spoke to that “doctor” again.

And let’s just say that the next time this procedure was performed, I was pre-medicated.



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