Hasn’t this happened before?

We are going to skip the next couple of years after my last post.  Why dwell on them?  Nothing of much importance happened during them, at least not in the MS arena, if you don’t count the chronic issues previously mentioned.  I went to work, saved a few lives, dated a few guys, and partied a bit with my friends.

Then my right side started to feel numb and I had odd temperature sensations in my right leg.  My brain started to recall an early instance where everything was different but all too eerily the same.   I decided that this warranted a return trip to the doctor.

I was still with the same Primary Care office, but I refused to see the same doctor that I had seen a couple of years ago.  Five minutes after I had been in the examining room with the new doctor, she looked at me and asked if I had any history of autoimmune disease in my family.  At that point, I couldn’t have even told you what an autoimmune disease was.  She told me that she wanted to rule out Multiple Sclerosis and gave me a referral to a local neurologist.  I made the appointment and was so nervous that I took a friend with me.  (Thank you, Mary!)  The neurologist wanted to rule out Lyme disease and a couple of forms of herpes through blood tests, and then did some kind of test with needles up and down my back.  After those tests came back normal, the next test was a lumbar puncture.  And here I am going to stop because that day deserves a post all of its own.


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