The first documented, oops, I mean undocumented, episode

I first noticed something when I started to feel an altered sensation or  numbness on my left side from the middle of my back, wrapping around to my belly button and down my left leg to my knee.  It was weird, it was strange, but at first I didn’t worry about it.  I just kept poking at it.  I am not, or at least was not, one that worried too much about my health or health problems.  Up to that point I had never even broken a bone, though that was soon to change.  This new sensation caused me no real discomfort nor any disruption to my daily routine, so as would be typical for me, I chose to ignore it.  Even I, however, could only ignore it for so long.

After two or three weeks I made an appointment with my primary care doctor.  I went in and saw one of the newer doctors and explained how I was feeling and what was going on, and was promptly dismissed with the diagnosis that “I was wearing my pants too tight” and told to come back in two weeks if things hadn’t changed.  Well, indignant and P***** off don’t even begin to describe how I felt at that time.  However I went home and waited out my two weeks.

As it turns out, the symptoms began to recede during that period, so I did not return to the doctor, and did not give it another thought.  The only time it came up again was one day when I was at work and describing the strange episode to my partner, who then happened to mention that something similar had happened to a friend of her’s and it turned out to be MS.  This gave me a slight pause, but only slight.


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  1. February 8, 2010 at 3:36 am

    […] Tags: Dr appointments, numbness, Relapse We are going to skip the next couple of years after my last post.  Why dwell on them?  Nothing of much importance happened during them, at least not in the MS […]

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